Lexi’s (Lucy) Story: Day 27

There has really been no “new” work done with Lucy since the last post. Her new e-collar is on it’s way. I am expecting it within the next 2-3 days. At that point, I will pick up walking at the park again as well as adding to her work with Raina.

There has been a couple of things develop. First, an older kitten/younger cat has seemingly been dumped close to our house, and has found us. It is now the inside/outside “farm” cat. Lucy wants to EAT it. When it walks past her crate, her reaction is 5 times worse than her reaction to Raina. As soon as we get that new e-collar, that will be a big correction and one of the things we will continue working on.

Second, due to Lucy’s limited freedom and affection, she is really beginning to balance herself out. She is not the same nervous dog she used to be. When she is given free time in the house, we are noticing more and more that she is demanding attention less and less. As a matter of fact, the last couple of days, she hasn’t asked for attention at all. She just finds a dog bed to lie on and calmly relaxes.

As soon as that e-collar arrives you will begin seeing more consistent updates again. In the meantime, enjoy this old video taken that shows just how Lucy is able to wiggle her way into a person’s heart.