Doggy DayTraining

Think Doggy Daycare, but without the free-for-all. Doggy Day Training takes the concept of daycare and adds to it structure, the development of life skills and manners, and the teaching of commands. This program is designed for dogs ages 6 months and up.

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Three Week Board and Train

For dogs who have no previous training, basic obedience training, behavioral issues, or who just need a refresher.

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Behavior Rehabilitation

This program is designed for those dogs who may take a little more time due to major behavioral issues. It begins with slowing life down...

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Puppy Program

Beginning with an introduction to the basics for your puppy and ending in a complete understanding of commands - even off-leash. A complete puppy training program that is designed for puppies 12 to 20 weeks old.

Ollie has great kennel manners - even at home!


Boarding is offered for dogs who have completed training with me. At $38/day your dog will be held to the high standards you require so that there are no new unwanted behaviors introduced and no hiccups in their training.

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Next Steps...

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