I provide boarding in a structured family setting. This means your dog will be in the hustle and bustle of our family life, being loved on by each member of the family, but at the same time he/she will be held accountable for what it knows. He/she will be expected to follow the same rules you have at home (if you don’t allow your dog on the furniture, jumping, barking, etc at home, it will not be allowed at my house) and will be expected to be calm in the house.

Your dog will receive daily exercise, whether that means playing in the backyard, going for a walk, or taking a walk on the treadmill. At night, he/she will sleep in a sanitized crate for his/her safety.

Boarding is $35 per each 24 hour period of time. Anything beyond a 24 hour period of time will be charged an additional $35.

We also offer refresher training. During your dogs stay with us, we will work on known commands, obedience, respect, and take your dogs on outings, ie. the park, dog friendly stores, and other dog friendly events. Refresher training is $65 per day.

Availability is limited, so please plan to book in advance.