Three Week Board and Train

Three week Board and Train ($2450): My three week board and train program takes basic training to the next level. This is an off-leash program that takes both a dog that has never had training,and a dog with basic obedience training and teaches them to obey basic commands even when they are off of a leash. This leads to a happy, well-adjusted dog that is free from a leash, and a happy owner that can trust their dog to make the right decision in most cases. In cases where a dog may show a need for serious behavioral work, this program may need to be extended. This will be determined upon our first meeting and as needed throughout training.
By the end of three weeks, your dog will know how to:

  • Walk properly on a leash with auto-sit and without pulling, barking, lunging, sniffing, or reacting to dogs and/or distractions
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Place command
  • Recall training (with distractions)
  • Calm on Command training – having your dog be calm in all situations, without him/her having to be worn out with hours of walking/play time
  • Be calm at thresholds
  • Kennel Up
  • Wait for Food

In addition, I will work your dog on behavioral issues such as

  • Dog Aggression issues – improper greeting and social skills
  • Separation Anxiety
  • High Anxiety/Fear and the residual issues from those states of mind – biting, growling, lunging
  • Leadership skills with your dog so your dog understands proper pack order with humans
  • Eliminating bad behaviors – jumping up on people, jumping on counter tops, mouthing, nipping, chasing, playing keep-away, etc.

Please understand that in order to have a dog that maintains this good behavior, it is up to you, the owner, to do your part. You will still have work to do after your dog comes home. For this reason, I would like to set up an appointment two weeks after your dog has begun training. The first meeting will take place about half way through training, and will be about 90 minutes. During this meeting, we will discuss ways to read your dog to understand why he/she is behaving in certain ways and what you can do change that behavior. We will discuss any changes that may need to take place in your day-to-day life. We will discuss how to trouble shoot any future problems that may come up. Then I will show you how far your dog has come so far.
When you pick up your dog, I would like to spend another 90 minutes with you to teach you the technical side of your dog’s training – the commands and the corrections and how to use the training tools.
At the time you pick up your dog, we can also discuss a follow up meeting. This will be 60-90 minutes long. During this meeting, we can discuss any trouble you may be having or any questions you may have.

*Price includes a mini educator e-collar and a prong collar.

*You will need to provide enough dog food for your dog’s stay.

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