Annie: Day Three

This girl has figured out how to open her crate. She did great overnight. I thought I had fixed the problem with the zip ties. Nope. I took Cosmo (my board and train) to the park to get some work. I was gone for about 45 minutes. When I walked through the front door, Annie was standing there looking at me.

I went back to the dog room and looked at the crate, and the door was standing wide open. I checked the house. There were no potty accidents, nothing had been destroyed or gotten into. I have no idea how she got out. I don’t even know when she got out. Had she been out for a while? Did she decided she wanted out when she heard me pull up to the house? This happened around noon.

I took Annie potty, did a little work with her, and put her back in her crate. I continued with my day. Around dinner time, my daughter was making dinner, and I just walked back into the living room from the back of the house (my own potty break). I looked towards the dog room, and Faith turned around at the same time, and there stood Annie.

How is she doing that?! She’s not even breaking out – she is just simply opening the door. You guys, I have trouble opening that door! In order to open the door, it has to be lifted and pulled (pushed in her case), and the door sticks. It does not lift easily at all. (You can tell in the training video below.) I have no idea how she’s doing it, but I now have the camera set up and focused on her hoping to catch her in the act. I just want to see her do it. 🙂

I did just a small amount of work with Annie today to get her to respond to her new name. This is going to take a while. She also urinated while on the leash – progress. Now if I can just get her to poop.