Annie: Day Four

I caught it on video! – The Great Escape. This girl knows what she is doing. She is able to get the door on her crate open in under 3 minutes.

I caught the whole thing on video before posting the last blog entry so I will include it in this one. I went back into the room and using the clip of a leash, I clipped the bottom of the door to the gate. She would still be able to lift the door, but not push it open.

Well, when I got up this morning and went into the room to check on her, she had her head stuck out of the top corner of the crate looking at me. I sure wish I had taken a picture of that! Lesson learned. I am now clipping the door shut so that she can’t even lift it. Additionally, I have her under constant video surveillance and is now wearing an e-collar. I don’t her hurting herself while attempting to get out of the crate, so she gets a correction anytime she begins to get agitated. All of her attempted escapes begin with whining, so that is where the correction comes, while I can still give it at a rather low level.

Today we worked on expanding Annie’s understanding of the prong collar. Her first lesson with it was about understanding that it is there to give directional information and that it won’t hurt her. Today is about understanding that an upward pressure means to sit. At the same time, I give her a vocal command so that she learns to also listen to that. (Video below.)