Hope’s Story – Day 11

This girl is going to make an amazing pet for somebody. I am truly doing my best not to fall head-over-heels in love with her. (As soon as I find her a home, I have room to help more dogs like her.) Every morning when I go to take her out of her crate for her first potty break, she gives me a smile. She loves pets and will try to push herself into your lap if she thinks you will allow it. I can see where her excitement levels could easily become an issue again, but with proper beginning with her new family, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Hope has been super cooperative through all of her training sessions. She is still somewhat nervous at times, but as she learns what is expected of her and as she is exposed to different situations and taught how to respond, her confidence will grow. She is already working on understanding the e-collar, and has taken to it quite readily. She is happy to work on duration work, which will go a long way towards calm becoming a habit. Another great side note – so far, Hope has done a fantastic job with every dog she has been introduced to.

I am looking forward to taking Hope to parks, and seeing how she does with children. I’ll keep you updated! If you aren’t already, follow more of her story on Facebook. You will find several videos of her training progress.