Faith’s Story

Meet Faith! This sweet girl is the unfortunate/not-so-unfortunate victim of circumstance. Unfortunate because she had to be surrendered by her family due to a military move to Germany. Not-so-unfortunate because I already have a home in mind for her! You will learn more about her new home as her story progresses.

Faith comes to me with some issues – just like the majority of the dogs that go through this program. She has a dominant tendency towards other dogs, and if the dog on the receiving end refuses to play the game, she becomes aggressive. She is timid around men and teenagers, and sometimes that is displayed as aggression as well. Her owners claim that she nips at their faces when she wants to play, she gives them trouble when it’s time to put her collar on her, she jumps on people, steals objects, darts out doors, and jumps on the furniture. As I read this list, I realize that the real thing that needs to be addressed with Faith is her following skills. This girl tries to be the one who makes all the decisions in the household – is this person dangerous? This dog needs to follow my rules. It’s time to play now, and we’re going to play my way. Etc. – Over the next several weeks, Faith will spend a lot of time learning how to be respectful and how to follow the leadership of humans. There will also be quite a bit structure put into her day-to-day life – structure that will prevent her from making all the decisions, and instead teach her what kind of choices she should be making. The hope is that in 6 weeks she will be ready enough for her new home that her owner will be able to continue the work and the good habits she has begun developing.