Jake’s Story – Day 205

It’s Time. :'( Jake is ready for his forever home. This little guy has wiggled his way into my heart (the challenging ones always do), and I have no doubt that he will find his way into anybody’s heart.

…BUT that’s where the problem lies. Because of his ability to pull at the heart strings with those sweet eyes and warm affection, Jake has been able to also reverse the roles in his relationships so that he is the one leading, and as a leader, Jake is a tyrant. His next owner will need to be a firm leader – one who is very capable of being equally believable in the departments of accountable AND love. One who can set firm rules, give fair corrections, and know when the time is right for affection and play. This owner will need to be balanced in order to allow Jake to continue on in his new balanced behavior.

This boy who came to me attempting to bite me because he didn’t want to work, or because I used the word ‘no’, or because I needed to clip his toe nails, is now responding as a follower. He is happy to work with me. When he is told ‘no’, he now responds by correcting himself. If he feels uncomfortable in a situation, he looks for guidance. The toenail clipping is still a challenge, but he is fine wearing a muzzle when it’s time – and with the muzzle on, even though he is tense, he doesn’t try to bite. (This is a far cry from the guy who had to be put on medication for two days prior to being taken to the vet to have his nails trimmed.)

With all of this in consideration, Jake will not be going to just any home. The person who is interested in adopting Jake will meet both of us, attend two training sessions with me to learn how to be the leader Jake needs, and agree to the protocol I have put into place. This is not a quick process. It will likely take a week or two. In addition to providing owner training, I will also provide an e-collar and prong collar and agree to a three week trial period. As with all the dogs that are rehomed from here, there is a rehoming fee of $150 (this barely covers the cost of the two collars).

We need to find a home for Jake to make room for another rescue. Please share this with somebody you may know who fits the requirements and is looking for a dog that needs a great home.